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Special Hazard Fire Suppression System Design, Installation, Service and Repairs



What If A Fire Destroyed Your Server Room?
How Long Would It Take To Get Your Business Back Up And Running?
How Much Loss Revenue Would You Incur?



Businesses run at the speed of light. Clients demand service and information instantly. We are a technology driven society. From Computers to Mobile devices to Social Media, the world can be connected to your businesses 24 hours a day 7 days a week. When your computer crashes or the IT department takes 2 hours or 12 hours to fix it, your world stops. What happens if a fire wipes out your server room or sensitive document storage area? That’s a disaster that’s hard to recover from. You need special hazard protection, a Clean Agent Fire Suppression System.

Special Hazard Protection


The First Step in protecting a special hazard is understanding what needs to be protected. Whether it’s a Server Room, Telecommunications Room, Museum, Power Plant, or Switch Gear Room, we need to quickly detect a fire and have a fast responding “clean” agent suppress the fire. Our designers and techs know the fire codes from top to bottom. At Boynton Fire Safety Service, we can determine the right clean agent system for a New Construction Job or retrofitting an existing room or building.

FAST, EFFECTIVE, and RELIABLE Special Hazard Protection


The Siemen’s Sinorix 227 and Sinorix 1230 Systems

The Sinorix 227 and Sinorix 1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems offers a Fast, Reliable extinguishing solutions for Asset Protection and Business Processes. These systems can be compact and space saving with LOW installation and maintenance COSTS. Whether protection is needed for a single object, a room, or multi-areas Boynton Fire will assess the risk and determine the best solution for your business and budget.


The Fike ECARO 25, FM-200, ProInert2, and CO2 Systems

The Fike Ecaro 25, FM-200, ProInert2, and CO2 clean agent systems offer innovative fire protection solutions. Boynton Fire offers the complete Fikeline of Safe, Environmentally Friendly clean agent protection that uses less agent and smaller piping to make these systems very budget friendly.

Superior, Cost-Effective Clean Agent Fire Protection from Boynton Fire Safety Service