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Restaurant Fire Suppression System Design, Installation, Service and Repair


Since the 1980’s to Present We Have Seen Restaurant Structure Fires Go From 23,000 Restaurant Fires per year to 6,000 Restaurant Fires per year

A downward trend in Restaurant Structure Fires is Outstanding! Today Restaurant Owners and Employees are more proactive when it comes to Safety in the workplace. Plus.. Current Restaurant Fire Suppression Technology has increased performance standards that put fires out and reduce the chance for a fire to reignite. With Fire Sprinkler Systems, Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Fire Extinguisher Training, and Restaurant Hood and Duct Cleaning, Restaurants are better protected than ever before.

Restaurant Fire Statistics

  • 10:00 am is the peak time for restaurant fires
  • Restaurant Fires have resulted in direct property damage of (over) $193 million annually
  • 57% of the Restaurant Fires were caused by cooking equipment
  • 21% of the Restaurant Fires were the result of failing to clean greasy, oil residues


Boynton Fire Safety Service Number 1 Provider of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems And Restaurant Fire Suppression Service


Commercial Cooking operations with open flames, hot cooking surfaces, and heavy grease deposits combine to make a highly dangerous fire hazard. A Restaurant Kitchen fire has the potential to spread very quickly, and they can be difficult to extinguish. At Boynton Fire Safety Service we provide Complete Restaurant Fire Suppression Service and we are expertly trained in Restaurant Fire Suppression System Installation.   Boynton Fire Restaurant Fire Suppression System SERVICE Your Kitchen Fire Suppression System is 24/7 protection for your Restaurant. Even when it’s after hours there is still the potential for a Fire in the Kitchen of your Restaurant. At Boynton Fire we do a 39 point inspection process. Checking all vital components of your kitchen fire system, we ensure that your Restaurant System will operate when and if it’s needed.   Boynton Fire Restaurant Fire Suppression System INSTALLATION Why Should I Trust Boynton Fire Safety Source to Install my Fire Suppression System?

  • 3,878 hours in Design and Installation of Fire Suppression Systems
  • Factory Trained
  • In depth Fire Code Knowledge
  • 1000’s of Happy Clients
  • We Guarantee our Work

At Boynton Fire we start with design and create the exact fire suppression system that’s needed for your restaurant. We stay in direct contact and communicate every phase of the design and installation process. We believe in Customer Service and work on exceeding your expectations every time!


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