Nurse Call System

Without an easy and accessible way to communicate with nursing staff, patients may be left in unsafe situations. With call systems, patients can get the care they need more quickly. A nurse call system is used in medical and nursing care facilities to provide residents/patients with a rapid means to call for assistance from facility staff.  The system is initiated from a variety of means including pillow speakers, pull stations, pull cords, and a variety of wireless devices.  Calls are received at a local central receiving station located at a constantly attended location such as a nurse’s station.  An emergency call system is often found in senior living facilities and functions much like a nurse call system except calls are received at a local central receiving station and a remote central station monitoring center.  After receiving an emergency call signal, the central station would then dispatch emergency services.

Common Deficiencies:

  • Broken or obstructed pull cords or call buttons
  • Nonfunctional hall lights

Related Service:

  • Semi-Annual or Annual Inspections
  • New System Design and Install
  • System Repair
  • Component Replacement
  • Central Station Monitoring


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