Kitchen Hood Suppression

Kitchen Suppression Systems function much the same way, but with different design and application. In commercial kitchens, fires are fueled almost always by fat, grease, or oil which are highly flammable, hot, and spread quickly.

Inspection Cycles

Kitchen fire suppression systems need to be inspected by a licensed fire protection professional every six months. It is also recommended that owners conduct visual inspections monthly.

Common Deficiencies

  • Clogged plenum and duct nozzles
  • Grease buildup in exhaust hood or duct
  • Creased link lines
  • Incorrect appliance coverage
  • In need of hydro testing
  • Incorrect cartridge
  • Wire connections in the control head

Related Services


  • Semi-Annual Inspections
  • System Maintenance
  • New System Design
  • New System Installation Installations
  • Design Modification
  • Repairs
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Kitchen Suppression