Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system is a set of devices that detect and alert people to the presence of smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, or other fire-related emergencies. Fire alarms systems are required in most commercial buildings and are installed to protect life, and property. Examples include, schools, churches, restaurants, and corporate buildings. These devices may include smoke detectors, heat detectors, and manual fire alarm activation devices which are all connected to a Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) normally found in an electrical room. The purpose of a fire alarm system is to notify occupants, and emergency forces. They do this so that they can take action to protect themselves and others. Fire alarm systems may use visual and audio signalization to warn people about a possible fire, smoke, or carbon monoxide. Fire alarm systems also shutdown HVAC systems to prevent the spread of smoke and shutdown elevators.


Fire alarms require an annual inspection, testing, and maintenance of control panels, initiating devices, communication equipment, and remote annunciators. Depending on your insurance carrier, your fire alarm system may require more frequent inspections for different parts of the system.

Related Devices

Conventional fire alarm systems require sensitivity testing on their smoke detectors every 2 years.

Fire Dampers must be tested every 5 years.

Common Deficiencies

A deficiency is identified during regular inspections when the devices and components do not meet acceptable standards. Here are a few commonly found deficiencies for fire alarms:

  • Expired or defective batteries (secondary power source)
  • Control panel not communicating with monitoring station to alert local fire fighters the central station responsible for alerting emergency responders
  • Initiating devices not detecting properly, missing or malfunctioning
  • Device obstructions
  • Missing or improper devices

Related Services

  • Semi-Annual or Annual Inspections
  • Battery Replacement
  • New System Design & Install
  • System Modification Designs
  • Troubleshooting

•           Device Repairs or Replace

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