Emergency and Exit Lighting

Not all situations in Life have an Exit Strategy. But Your building should have an Escape Plan with Exit Lighting. You are in your office building and the power goes out. It’s an Emergency. There’s smoke. Visibility is limited. People are in a panic. Does your business have an Escape plan in place? Are the Exit Signs and Emergency Lights working? You know it’s a little late to find out in an Emergency.

During a Power Outage, the emergency lighting helps safely guide people out of the building. In a Fire Emergency when smoke and flames limits your vision, the emergency lighting is 100% critical to guiding you to safety. It helps in reducing injuries, preventing panic, and saving lives.

When was the last time your Exit and Emergency Lighting was inspected? Many times Exit and Emergency Light Service and Maintenance falls to the wayside. Boynton Fire Safety Service will ensure your exit and emergency lighting is properly serviced and will work in the event of an emergency.

At Boynton Fire we perform complete E-Light service and maintenance as listed in Life Safety 101. We check batteries and bulbs and make sure your lights will operate for 90 minutes.

We provide a worry free process. One less worry. One less headache.
We stock exit and emergency light replacement bulbs, replacement batteries, signage, New Exit Lights, New Emergency Lights, New Combination Exit and Emergency Lights. We also have Exit and Emergency Lights with standard options, high end options, weather-resistant options, and wet-location options.

Boynton Fire Safety Service is Your Complete Source for Exit and Emergency Lights and Exit and Emergency Light Service and Maintenance. For FAST Onsite Service Call the Experts at Boynton Fire.

Is it Time for Your Annual E-Light Inspection? Boynton Fire Safety Service is ready to make sure you are code compliant.

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Exit and Emergency Lighting